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The 10 best wine bars in Paris 

by Mona 


Paris, like France, is renowned for its gastronomy. Real spearhead of French culture, gastronomy fascinates worldwide. Thus all over the world, foreigners flock to our country to taste our recipes. wine bars crystallize all the flavors of France, they are real places of worship dedicated to French cuisine. wine bars also offer much to drink than to eat, however, it is difficult to navigate facing the plethora of Parisian cellars. So, today we offer our 10 best bars in Paris wines. 

Le 11ème Domaine Located just steps from the Parmentier Station Line 3, welcomes you to enjoy a moment of magic tasting. 

The proposed bottles come here from all parts of France, like the famous wines of Bordeaux or Burgundy, but not that a little more confidential wines are also offered. For example, some bottles are foreign and come for example from Chile, Australia or Argentina. In addition to wines, whiskey but also rum are sold. Add to this wine courses and you get a full wine bar. 

Wine of good bars are also synonymous of places where we enjoy, the 11ème Domaine is no exception to the rule. Thus, it offers cheese boards and hearty and tasty meats, cheeses of all kinds rub slices of coppa and rosette. 

Time Out 

King of the board 


By Emmanuel Chirache 


Here's a bar that could be dubbed the "King of the board," as his plates of cheese and charcuterie are needed among the best in Paris. Cheese of all colors, red, green or blue, stand in the middle of coppa and rosette to fall. But it is not only for its cuisine, albeit delicious, which is the 11th Street area, but for its wines and atmosphere. Here the friendly Ramez boss and waitresses advise you from a selection of wines that goes from floor to ceiling (do not hesitate to order bottles of the above, the boss will pick the risking his life), covering all regions of France and even some foreign wines - Australian, Chilean, Argentinean -, plus a nice selection of whiskeys. Each month, the bar also organizes tastings and wine courses taught by Valeria Naudin. 


Harvesters represented in the bar are all independent, sometimes from regions less famous than the classic Bordeaux or Burgundy. So on a Basque red wine, a Irouleguy domain Mourguy, we throw our sights. Tannic and light at the same time, it presents a good maturity and nice touches of red fruit. Price aside, count 15 € for an average board, something to eat for two, and a corkage 4 € more than honest. The price of the bottle, it varies as usual greatly depending on the origin of the wine, but remains quite correct. What attract a motley, who loves the rustic look of the decor in this stunning long bar, which was recently expanded and now provides both on rue des Trois Bornes and rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud. In short, you have wine on the board. 


The best wine bars for a successful cocktail 

The most rustic wine bar 


By Amandine Seguin


The 11ème Domaine : this eleventh arrondissement wine bar allows for sipping wines of all kinds accompanied by local products. Leaning on the counter , you can enjoy the rustic decor all wood . Most ? It is possible to finish the tasting discovering whiskey . Be guided by the master of the house . 



One of 10 best wine bars for aperitifs 


If you are looking for a wine bar That Is 100% locals and Where You 'll hear mostly French, The 11ème Domaine is the place for you . Here you'll find affordable wine bottles , and a meat and cheese plate That is out of this world . If you are willing to travel out of the tourist traps , this place is well worth the trek. Definitely make a reservation if you're going to make the trek this far. 



Sweet Leisure 

Paris wine bars 

By Noël Balen 

In the trendy Oberkampf neighborhood , you can still find a place with an authentic atmosphere , far from snobby posturing . At The 11ème Domaine , the cochonnailles boards is impeccable, go mostly aim for the selection of cheeses , PARTICULARLY the goat- and sheep -milk cheeses . The owner will know how to find the Chablis or the Montlouis That will blow you away, gold Beaujolais That will surprise you. He's a traveler with eclectic tastes Who tears down the borders entre Bordeaux and Burgundy . Prices are reasonable ,that also Contributes to the charm , making you want to come back quickly. 

A wine Bar  

We tested the wine "IROULEGUY" 


Want a quality glass of wine in an authentic setting? In this case, le11ème Domaine is the address for you. This bar offers a range of original wines, a reference in the matter: your taste buds will soon more than ravie.Le owner himself has created a mix for an atmosphere and a worthy ideal of the most beautiful caves on our land, France, but also to abroad. 

This address is a big bet in terms of choice. On site, the wine range extends classics wines (Burgundy, Bordeaux etc) no doubt, through a fine selection from abroad (Argentine wines, Australian wines, Californian wines). Our heart stroke, Irouleguy domain Mourguy, tannic and light both with good maturity and some nice touches of red fruit. Allow 4-6 euros per glass of wine. The best is the support you have in abundance, boards delicatessen and cheese to share for 15 euros only. A test! 

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